Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has countless definitions online and it isn’t for us to tell you what is the right or wrong one. In fact, we read in one article that there are eighty-nine ways to achieve a positive mindset. When reading these and many other bits of content on this subject, you could argue that some of these are exactly why individuals lose sight of their objectives. ‘Expecting positive outcomes.’ ‘Enjoying the unexpected’. ‘Having a fun time even when things are bad’. They all apply well to some aspects of life. They don’t necessarily contribute to the subject we are looking at.

WHat is a postive mindset?

At BettorMind we believe that thinking positively about the impact of key gambling participation behaviours will increase an individual’s commitment to them. A simple example of this for us is:

“I went to the races, and it was a nightmare. I didn’t pick a single winner and it cost me £70”

Focusing on the fact that no winners were picked and there was a cost is not going to create a positive mindset. An alternative way to look at this could be:

“Enjoyed my day at the races. Did my research which was fun and came close with a few. I budgeted £10 per race, and I stuck to that”

In this example the focus is on the enjoyment of being involved and being pleased that the budget plan was stuck to. As simple as this example may sound, it should give you an idea of how we encourage players to view things. By thinking that it is based purely on winning and losing, you will not remain positive for long. Giving yourself more reasons to maintain a positive mindset will give you more opportunities to enjoy your play.

Understanding your mood

Thinking about your participation in betting and gaming needs to be approached with your mood in mind. Have you ever said something like “I don’t feel like going out this evening”? Or felt too tired to meet family or friends because of a long week at work? 

Instead, you just feel like relaxing. That may sound negative, but we believe it to be a good example of approaching a situation in a positive way. You are recognising that you might not be able to enjoy it, that you would rather relax and that another time would be more appropriate. You can apply that to betting and gaming too. A positive thinker is focused on a positive outcome. Deciding to not take part when you feel that you can’t focus on any activity is exactly that.


what is a positive approach?

BettorMind encourages positive approaches to the components that make up a responsible player, because we know that leads to a positive outcome. Understanding that the discipline and balance shown with your time and your finances will give you a profound sense of control. Being dedicated to learning and informed with your participation will again ensure you are knowledgeable and as a result able to enjoy your play.


Further reading

At BettorMind we understand that betting is absorbing, and that gaming is something that you can easily be so engrossed in that time escapes you. We have content elsewhere about our core behaviour pillars of Discipline & Balance, Active Learning, and Continuous Growth. Underpinning all of these is the most vital component of keeping gambling activity fun and that is ‘Positive Thinking.’

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