Continuous Growth

A BettorMind is a continual process which develops over time. Being able to learn and adapt from your behaviour is crucial. This is about much more than just the financial aspect of your betting. Let’s take a look at the key components of continuous growth.

Goal Setting

Identifying what you want to achieve from betting is important. It gives you something to work towards and measure progress. Your outcome may not be financial and may be around your participation and the enjoyment you get from having a bet.


Solving the puzzle when betting is a fun part of the challenge when trying to identify what to bet on. The more information you have available to you before placing a bet the more informed your choices can be. 

Doing research is a long-term strategy and you shouldn’t be afraid to put time into it as this will help you throughout your betting journey.


Tracking all aspects of your betting plays an important role within your journey as it will identify areas which can be improved. It is not just the outcomes of bets but also things like the amount of time you have spent betting, the types of bets you have placed and also the markets you are using. All of these will give you valuable information which can be used to make more informed decisions in the future.


Whether in work life or at home, so much can be gained from evaluating and reflecting on an event. When it comes to BettorMind this is crucial. By reflecting on how the previous day, week or month has gone you will be able to put your results into perspective. Throughout betting there are so many areas to reflect on which all play a crucial part in the experience. It is not just the actual outcome of a bet that is important, you need to look back on how your budget worked, the tools you have in place and how you felt emotionally during those periods.

Further Reading

Growth forms an important part of a BettorMind. By growing your understanding of all aspects of betting you will give yourself the greatest chance of achieving this. Check out some of our other articles which will help you to develop a BettorMind.

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