Participants in betting and gaming have different levels of involvement and knowledge. Through VBET’s partnership with ‘BettorMind’, content will be provided for beginners, casual and regular players too. We also recognise that for some, gambling activity can become problematic or even addictive and our objective is to ensure that every fan of our club has clear access to help and support should that ever be needed.


BettorMind isn’t about telling you what to do. It is about providing you with content to suit an individual and the inspiration to adopt and then apply that knowledge.

Tools to Help

One of the great ways to ensure that your planned actions and behaviours during participation remain in place is to use the limiting tools provided by operators. We explain what they are and how they can help you.

Get Support

Gambling is a form of fun and entertainment. For some people that may not be the case and we advise you contact one of the specialist services who can support you.

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