A Positive Betting Mindset

As a club, we are committed to playing our part in ensuring our relationship with VBET is promoted in the right way to our supporters. That’s why VBET have partnered with BettorMind, to provide always on responsible gambling advice around key betting behaviours.

About BettorMind

‘BettorMind’ understand that there is more to responsible gambling than being told to “gamble responsibly”. A betting mindset is made up of a set of key betting behaviours, enabling a player take accountability for their actions before, during and after play. This modern and progressive approach will allow players to enjoy betting as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Positively themed

BettorMind content is positively themed to inspire a change in behaviour.


BettorMind content will educate players on the fundamentals of betting and the behaviours they can adopt to develop these over time. 

Always on

BettorMind provides content throughout the sporting calendar and the key behaviours needed when betting on them.

BettorMind Key Pillars

The approach to developing a BettorMind is built on four core pillars.

Positive Mindset

A positive betting mindset is created through the implementation of key behaviours. Understanding your emotions, why you are having a bet and factors which affect your mindset are all key in gaining the most enjoyment from your betting.

Discipline and Balance

Betting & Gaming shouldn’t be impulsive. It should be enjoyed in a financially disciplined way and balanced with other priorities within a persons lifestyle. Applying an organised approach and supported by the many tools provided by operators is the right way for all to participate.

Active learning

Whether you are new to betting or a more experienced player, actively developing your knowledge of behaviours and learning the fundamentals of betting, will enhance your experience and is key to a BettorMind.


Continuous Growth

Taking time to learn and adapt from your actions is crucial to a BettorMind. Through reflection on your activity and emotions you will develop a better understanding of your betting and allow yourself to make the best decisions moving forward. This is key behaviour of a BettorMind.

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