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Time Out

As with other forms of entertainment and leisure you should not spend excessive time participating. That is why these activities are enjoyed when done as part of a balanced lifestyle. Betting should be no different. Taking some time out is very healthy and supportive of being able to reflect and research for next time.  

This is very helpful in ensuring you are only betting at the right times. Placing a bet should always come when the mind is right and the research is done. For example betting under the influence of alcohol is likely to lead to you placing bets which are not well thought out. Betting whilst distracted by something else could mean your decision making isn’t as good as normal. Activating timeout is a great way to manage your playing time to avoid conflict with other activities.  

This feature allows you to temporarily remove access to your account from anything to 1-30 days. 

Deposit Limits

After working out your disposable income and the proportion of that you want to allocate to betting you are in a place to deposit into your account. All players are asked to do this to ensure that the deposit from their bank into accounts is something that is within their means and doesn’t impact on the ability to spend on other social things. This is for fun and entertainment after all. The tool which can help you with this is a deposit limit. 

This feature provides you with the ability to manage your bankroll from the budget you have set yourself.

This feature allows you limit how much money you can deposit into your account over a period of a day, week, or month.

Reality Check

We use reminders in everyday life all the time. Setting alarms or notifications for meetings to tell us when it is time to be doing something else. Using this for your betting activity has an equally positive impact.  

Keeping track of the amount of time you have spent betting will assist you in making sure betting is not taking up too much of your time and therefore encroaching on other activities in your life. 

If you set a Reality Check limit for 30 minutes, once that time has elapsed you will be alerted via a pop-up on the screen. This will repeat every 30 mins until you log out. 

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