Things To Consider: Betting On The North London Derby

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When it comes to football nothing gets the fans going more than a local derby. There is always more on the line when you are facing off against your local rivals and the North London Derby this weekend will be no different. The old phrase “Form goes out the window” couldn’t apply more when it comes to these games. Therefore, if you are having a bet on the North London Derby, BettorMind has some advice for you to enable you to do so responsibly.

The North London Derby

Tottenham Hotspur V Arsenal – Sunday, 16th January, 16:30

The History

In total there have been 190 North London derbies since their first match-up in the football league in 1909. In that time Arsenal have won 79, Spurs 60 and there have been 51 draws.

Since the inception of the Premier league in 1992, it has been Arsenal who have had the better of things. In recent years however that gap has closed and it is Tottenham who have gained the upper hand, finishing above their local rivals in the league for the past 5 seasons.

BettorMind Advice for betting on the North London Derby

Emotions – At BettorMind we talk a lot about understanding your emotions when betting. This is an important thing to consider when having a bet. When it comes to a game such as the North London Derby, you should also take into consideration the emotions of such a game. This will be the first time since opening their new stadium that Tottenham will have a capacity crowd for the North London Derby. Fans have been restricted access to this game for the past two season so you can be sure they will be itching to get into the ground come Sunday and the atmosphere should be electric.

It is such a big occasion; it is sure to have an impact on the players. For some of the local players they will know all too well the importance of such a fixture.

Research – These games can come down to fine margins which makes betting on the outcome difficult. This is where researching into the games is important before placing a bet. Whereas you may usually bet on a match winner you may want to consider other markets such as both teams to score or for there to be over a set number of goals. Look through previous results between the two teams to build your knowledge on how these games have played out in the past.

Staking – As mentioned at the start of this article, form truly does go out of the window when it comes to games like this. With that in mind you should look at how much you’re staking when it comes to betting on the North London Derby. With such a fierce rivalry both teams will be more up for this than any other game. Therefore, the current form of each team may have a smaller impact on the result than you might think, because of this consider using a smaller stake than you may usually bet.

The North London Derby rarely fails to deliver when it comes to entertainment and this weekend’s game should be another exciting watch. If you are going to have a bet, please take into consideration some of the points in this article as well as all the other resources available at BettorMind.

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