NBA Betting - Player Markets

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When it comes to NBA betting there are so many markets to choose from during the regular season and the playoffs. One area which is always a popular market is player betting. In this article we are going to look at some of the popular markets relating to players and how you can approach them in an enjoyable way.

Why Player Markets?

Player markets are incredibly popular when it comes to betting on the NBA. This is partly due to the fact the result of game doesn’t impact your selection regarding a player’s performance. Now some markets will of course have a better chance of winning if the team is performing well and winning games, however it is not essential.

Popular Player Markets

Players points – This market allows you to bet on whether a player will score over a set number of points. The lower the number of points selected the shorter your odds will be.

Players rebounds – It is not all about scoring and this market requires you to choose whether a player will successfully record a set number of rebounds during the game.

Players assists – As with the other markets this is asking you to choose whether a player will record over a set number of assists during a game.

Players turnovers – Turnovers are one of the biggest factors in determining the outcome of an NBA game. This market allows you to bet on whether a certain player will turn the ball over to the other team and how many times you think that will happen.

Players steals – Alongside the turnover market, the players steals market requires you to bet on how many times an individual will steal possession of the ball from the other team.

Players three points made – Nothing beats seeing players dropping bombs from outside the three-point line and this market allows you to bet on how many successful three pointers a player will make during a game.

BettorMind Advice

Research – As with other sports different players will specialise in different parts of a game. It is no secret that Stephen Curry is the king of shooting and if you are betting on him in the three-point market, his odds will likely be much shorter than other players. The research you do into players performance will help you massively in these markets. By being able to identify what players specialise in will assist you when it comes to deciding on what your bets are going to be.

Staking – With so many games to bet on and within those games an abundance of player markets it is important to consider the stakes you use when betting on these events. Spreading out your bets across multiple games will allow you to enjoy the participation for longer.

As mentioned above, these markets are incredibly popular as they remove some of the impact of the actual result and this is great. If you are having a bet on any of the player markets, be sure to note the advice in this article as well as our other content available at BettorMind.

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