Horse Racing - The Ground

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Betting on horse racing is complex due to the number of factors that can affect the outcome of a race. Solving this puzzle is part of the challenge when it comes to horse racing. With such a variety of data available the research you do can make a difference. In this article, we are going to look at the effect the ground has on results and how you can use this as part of your decision-making process.

The Ground

The weather plays a huge part in the outcome of races. Horses tend to favour certain underfoot conditions and it is something you should consider before placing bet. By looking back at previous results, you can see how a horse has run on different types of a ground. This may highlight that a horse has a preference and could explain why their previous results are good or bad. It is worth noting that if a horse hasn’t run on a certain type of ground, it doesn’t always mean they won’t handle it but does mean that they are yet to prove themselves on that surface.

All-weather racing in the UK is incredibly popular. Although there are 7 courses which offer all-weather racing, they race on two different types of surfaces.

Polytrack –It is also the most common all-weather surface with Chelmsford, Kempton, Lingfield and Dundalk all using polytrack. It is considered to be a very fair track with minimal kick back.

Tapeta – Similar to polytrack with regards to kickback. This surface is used by Newcastle, Wolverhampton, and Southwell.

As with turf surfaces the weather can actually have an impact on the all-weather tracks. However, unlike turf surfaces where rain will make them ride slower and become more testing, rain actually makes the all-weather sand firmer and can lead to faster times. Just like backing horses on the turf this can have an effect on how horses run and something you should be considering.

BettorMind Advice

Research – When it comes to horse racing, research plays such an important role. With such a large amount information to look at it can make a big difference to your betting. By considering the previous performances of a horse you can start to gain a picture of how you believe a race will unfold, the more information you have the better placed you will be to have a bet.

Staking Plans – With such a large number of races taking place each day it is important to put in place a staking plan to ensure you are getting the most from your budget. As a general rule to get the most out of your bankroll and spread the fun, staking between 2-5% of your bankroll is a good place to start.

Racing is a puzzle, with clues on solving it available from a variety of sources. The process of looking at a race, doing your homework and picking a horse to back is the skilful and most enjoyable part of the process. The ground is one of the clues which can help. Be sure to check out the information in this article before having a bet on the races as well as all our other content at BettorMind.

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