Football Betting - The New Season

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As a fan from the moment the final whistle goes on the last day of the season you are already looking ahead to the season ahead. Pre-season can be a tricky time for clubs as they look to bring in new players, staff and potentially adapt to the league they find themselves in. In this article we are going to look at some of the key things to consider when betting at the start of the season and some BettorMind advice on how you can do this responsibly.



This is an important time for all clubs. Teams are always looking to strengthen their squads with the arrival of new players, but it can also come at a loss of key players who may move on. The British transfer window runs through to the end of August and that means teams can add or lose players even after the season has started.

For teams who have been relegated it is always tricky to hold on to some of the bigger names within their squads who may have ambitions of continuing to play in the league they have just been relegated from.

Pre-season is a valuable opportunity for you to learn about the teams and their new signings and use that information to assist with your betting.


Popular Betting Markets

Outright Betting – With the season just getting underway it is a popular time for people to pick who they think might win the league or even be relegated. Outright markets allow you to bet on such outcomes and the bets will run for the entire season so are definitely for those people with an eye on the future. You can also bet on things such as a team to finish in the half of the table or even the top four.

Player Markets – It is always a big debate come the end of the season for who should win the players awards. These markets allow you to bet on things such as Player of the season or young player of the season. Like the outright markets, these bets will run for the entire season but are popular amongst fans.

Weekly Accumulators – With the return of the football season, you will also see the return of the most popular form of football betting, accumulators. This is where you are picking multiple selections which all need to win for your bet to be paid out. Whether you are at the game or watching the soccer Saturday accumulators are a popular way for fans to enjoy betting on multiple different teams, with potentially big pay outs.


BettorMind Advice

Research – With so much changing at a club from one season to the next, it is important you research into the teams you will be betting on. Looking at the strength of their squads and the players they have both signed and sold will give you valuable insight into how they might perform this season. Losing a big-name player doesn’t always mean the team will suffer if they have invested the money they received wisely in new players.

Track Results – No matter how good or bad a pre-season a team might have had, nothing can replicate competitive league action. The first few games of a season can tell you a lot about how teams will fare over a season and adapting your betting based on the results is a good way of learning. Just because a team has had a flawless pre-season doesn’t mean it will transfer into the new league season.

Budget – For those of you who predominantly bet on football, you may have found yourself betting less over the off season. As the season gets underway it is a great idea to re look at the budgets you have set yourself for betting as the return of the football season may see an increase in your betting activity. By getting organised ahead of time, you can be best placed to enjoy betting on the football season in complete control of your budget.

As fans the start of the new season is always exciting and betting on games can add to that experience. If you are going to be betting throughout the football season be sure to take on board the advice above as well as looking through our other betting content at BettorMind.

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