F1 Betting - Sprint Races

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In a relatively new change to F1, on selected race weekends we will see the introduction of Sprint Races. In an attempt to make the sport more entertaining and provide more wheel-to-wheel racing. This has an impact on how you might bet on an F1 race and can also affect the drivers and constructors’ titles. Let’s take a look at what’s involved and how you can approach these race weekends.


What is a Sprint Race?

Traditionally teams will take part in qualifying on a Saturday to set the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix. With the introduction of Sprint Races, the standard qualifying will take place on Friday evening and will set the grid for the Sprint Race.

The Sprint Race will then take place on Saturday with teams doing battle over a much-reduced distance to a normal Grand Prix. Teams are not required to make a pitstop and it is a straight up “sprint” to the finish line. The top eight drivers will also be awarded points towards the drivers and constructors’ title.

Finishing PositionPoints


To go along with much needed points, the winners of the sprint race will also gain the advantage of starting Sunday’s Grand Prix from pole position. This puts a lot of pressure on teams during the sprint race and will lead to some unexpected results with the likelihood of accidents and reliability issues for teams. This could mean some drivers starting the Grand Prix from positions much closer to the front than they would normally. This will result in more action when it comes to the Grand Prix itself.


How does this affect your betting?

Betting on things like who will start on pole position will be dramatically altered during sprint race weekends. With pole not being set until the winner is determined, it is not simply going to be the driver who is fastest over one lap. You need to consider this when having a bet on the pole position market.

It also impacts the drivers and constructors’ titles. With points now available for a team’s performance in a Sprint Race, there is more opportunity for drivers to gain and lose points. It does mean a driver may be able to gain more points on a rival than over a regular race weekend.


BettorMind Advice

Research – As with most betting, research can play an important part when it comes to betting on sprint races. As it is a relatively new concept, there is not a lot of historical information to use. This means you will need to look at the information available and also the teams’ performances in other races to help you come to the best decision. With multiple sprint races over a season, you can start to build your knowledge throughout the season, and this will be valuable to you in time.

More Opportunities – With the introduction of sprint races it adds opportunities to bet on F1. This is great for those of you who enjoy having a bet. This does mean you should look at the budgets you have set yourself and how the added opportunities will affect that. Be sure to adjust how you approach these race weekends to ensure you are getting the most enjoyment from your betting and have control of your budget.

F1 sprint races will add excitement to the sport and for a racing fan that is great. It adds a different dimension to betting on the sport. If you are having a bet, this article will give you a heads up with the key things to consider and how you can continue to enjoy your betting responsibly. Also you can check out our other articles at BettorMind which are there to support you.

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