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In our betting basics guide to Formula One we looked at season long bets and how you can approach them responsibly. In this article we are going to focus on a Grand Prix weekend and the different markets you can bet on. Unlike betting on longer season bets, these markets give you immediate action and the outcome of the bets is settled over one weekend which does make them appealing to bettors.


Grand Prix Weekends

Each Formula One Grand Prix comprises of different sessions running from Friday through to Sunday. In an attempt to make the sport more exciting in recent years there has been different formats introduced to improve the way teams qualify for races and to give the fans more wheel to wheel action.

Friday Practice

During the Friday of the race weekend the teams will take part in a number of practice sessions as they put the final touches to the race preparations. Whilst there is no rewards for how teams do in practice, it can be very informative for how teams may perform in qualifying and the race itself. Each team will perform differently on each circuit and using the practice information to help build your knowledge is a great idea ahead of placing a bet.

Saturday Qualifying

Qualifying traditionally takes place over three sessions on a Saturday with the number of drivers competing in each session decreasing with the third session being a shoot-out of the fastest 10 drivers competing for the right to start on pole position.

Recently the governing body introduced a new format to make the sport more exciting. Sprint Races will now take place at a number of the circuits and will take place on the Saturday of the Grand Prix weekend. Teams will still complete the standard three session qualifying with the results of that session setting the grid for the Sprint Race.

The Sprint Race is then used to determine the starting positions for the full Grand Prix on the Sunday. However, unlike the traditional three session qualifying, points are awarded for those who finishes in the first three positions. 3 points to the winner, 2 for the runner up and 1 point for the driver who finishes third. This makes is very competitive and is a great addition for fans of racing.

Sunday Grand Prix

This is what it all comes down to. Following qualifying drivers will take their place on the grid and take part in a long-distance race with the number of laps varying from course to course depending on the length of a lap. There are many things to consider during this time as each team will have different tactics and this is important for how the race will pan out.


Popular Betting Markets

Race Winner – This is where you are simply choosing the driver you think will win the race.

Pole Position – This market requires you to choose the driver you think will start the race on pole position. This is a tricky market as some teams perform much better in the short format of qualifying compared to how they might fare in the race itself.

Fastest Lap – This market has grown in popularity with the introduction of the rule where a driver is awarded an extra point if they hold the fastest lap at the end of the race. You will see some teams making very late pitstops in order for fresh tyres to have a crack at getting the fastest lap. Teams do this to take points off of their rivals and if you are betting on this market, it is something you need to think about.

The Triple Crown – This is a market where you choose a driver to qualify on pole position, win the race and also hold the fastest lap at the end. This market does provide good odds due to the difficulty in achieving the triple crown. As mentioned before the introduction of a point for the fastest lap has made that extremely competitive and that will have an effect on this market.


BettorMind Advice

Monitor – With so much action taking place over the three days of a Grand Prix weekend, it can be very useful to monitor what happens in each session as this will give you valuable information to help form your bets.

Plan – Formula One racing takes part all over the world and this means the timings of sessions may be very different each week, with some even taking place during the night or very early in the morning. Allow yourself plenty of time to place the bets you want to avoid the need to rush.

Staking – With 22 races in the season it is important to have a good budget and staking plan in place to allow you to enjoy your bets without them using more of your budget than you intended.

Formula One is a fascinating sport and with recent changes to the qualifying and points system that has only increased the competitiveness. With so many factors to consider the research you do prior to your bets will definitely help you make the best decision and allow you to enjoy your betting. Be sure to take a look at all our other content available at BettorMind.

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