Esports Betting - Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six is one of the most popular esports to bet on. This is in part due to the tactical nature of the game and the reliance on team strategy. In this article we are going to look through the basics of the game and some of the more popular betting markets. We will also have some advice on how you can approach betting on Rainbow Six


Rainbow Six Game Basics

Rainbow Six is an online multiplayer shooter that prioritises teamwork and strategical play. Since its release in 2015 the game has expanded over time with the addition of new maps, weapons, operators, and seasonal events.

The aim of the game is to either attack or defend an object from the enemy team. These are split into different game modes.

Hostage – In this mode, the attacking team must rescue the hostages from the defending team. As a defender, to win the round you need to keep the hostage captured for the allotted game time or eliminate all of the attacking players. The attacking team not only need to capture the hostage, but need to do so without harming them.

Bomb – The round starts with two bombs being planted on the map. The attacking team must locate and defuse one of the two bombs. The defending team are required to not only defend the bombs, but also try to eliminate the attacking team.

Secure Area – The defending team need to protect a room within the map which contains a biohazard container. The attacking team needs to secure the container. The game ends once all players from a team are killed or the attackers secure the biohazard container.


Popular Betting Markets

Outright – As with other esports events this is the most simple and popular betting market. You are picking which team you think will win the entire tournament.

Match Winner – This market is simple and doesn’t relate to the whole tournament. You are choosing which team you think will win an individual match.

Most Kills – This market relates to in-game play, and you will need to choose which of the players will achieve the most kills during the match. Given this is a difficult to predict market the odds of each player are usually high.

Special bets – Depending on the game type there are some other bets you may see when betting on Rainbow Six. This could be betting on a team to defuse the bomb or one of the teams to secure the biohazard container.


BettorMind Advice

Understand the Game – With so many variables affecting the outcomes of games, having a solid understanding the game, the characters and match types will help you when considering betting on Rainbow Six. Once you have that basic understanding you can then look deeper into the strategies which work best for each game type. All of this information will help you come to the right decisions before placing a bet.

Research the Teams – The esports community is one that is very open, and you can learn a lot from the information within the community and from time spent watching them play the game. As we have explained above, the game requires high-level strategy to be successful and understanding how teams play and the strategies they use will give you valuable insight to how they might perform in matches and tournaments. The more understanding you have of the teams and their play styles the better it will be when it comes to making decisions regarding your betting.

Start Small – This is not just for those new to esports betting but a great tactic when betting on something you are not that familiar with. Placing smaller bets and seeing how you get on allows you to learn from your betting and get a feel for the markets you want to focus on moving forward.

Esports betting is growing in popularity and if you are looking at getting involved with betting on Rainbow Six we advise you take on board some of the points made in this article as well as our other esports content at BettorMind.

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