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Overwatch is a hugely popular online multiplayer game. In recent years it has grown significantly within the esports world. As with other esports games betting on them has become increasingly popular. We are going to look at the basics of Overwatch and some of the markets you might be betting on. As well as some BettorMind advice on how to approach these markets.

Overwatch Game Basics

Overwatch is a 6 v 6 team based first-person shooter. Unlike some other first-person shooters, there is a much greater emphasis on completing objectives as opposed to just killing the other team, although it does help. The game is broken down into three different modes.

Assault – This is an attack vs defence game mode which requires to the attacking team to secure two locations on the map. The defending team is tasked with stopping them from capturing the locations until the timer runs out.

Control – Both teams are on offence in this game mode as they battle to secure one location in the centre of the map. When a team has secured the location they accumulate points (%). The first team to secure 100% wins the match, this is usually played in a best of three series.

Escort – Attack vs defence as the attacking team attempts to push the payload through checkpoints throughout the map. The defending team must stop them before they reach the final checkpoint. There is a time limit on the game and that limit extends for every checkpoint the attacking team successful passes.

Popular Betting Markets

Match Winner – The most popular bet for Overwatch. You are choosing which team wins the event you are betting on.

Handicap – As with many other sports and esports sometimes there are teams considered to be strong favourites. Handicap markets allow you to bet on a team to win starting with a disadvantage of 1 or 2 games. This impacts the odds as the team has to win more games in a row to secure victory.

Outright Tournament Winner – This market takes into consideration an entire tournament and not just individual matches. You are choosing the team you think will win the whole event.

BettorMind Advice

Research – Esports teams will regularly stream their games on various social media platforms. This gives you an opportunity to get to know the teams, their strengths and watch them play. This information alongside your knowledge of the game will give you a good foundation when betting.

Track results – As with other team sports, esports teams will go in and out of form. Keeping track of how teams are doing is important. This could impact tournament winner bets if you think one team is particular out of form or in really good form going into the event.

Whether you are new to esports on an experienced player, esports betting is something you may be new to. The information and advice in this article will give you a good base to build from and if put in place will give you the most enjoyment from your betting. You can also check out our other content at BettorMind.

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