Esports Betting - Counter Strike GO

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Another very popular esports game is Counter Strike Global Offensive. In this article we are going to look at some of the basics of the game and some popular betting markets available to you. We will also touch on some of the key points on how you can approach betting on Counter Strike responsibly.


Counter Strike Global Offensive Game Basics

Counter Strike GO is a on online first-person shooter multiplayer game. The game involves two teams, Terrorists and Counterterrorist who do battle in a variety of different objective-based game modes.

The most common game mode is where one team has to plant an explosive device whilst it is the other team’s objective to try and stop them or deactivate the device. In total there are 9 different games modes available, all of which require a different strategy in order to win.

There are currently seven different maps for which a game takes place. This adds variety to the matches with each map having different landscapes and structures which means play styles will vary depending on the terrain and vantage points within a map.

Counter Strike rounds are normally played in a best of 30 points format. This means in order for a team to win they need to secure 16 points. After 15 rounds the teams will switch starting points in order for both teams to have an equal chance of winning. Each match is normally played in a best of 3 series which requires a team to win two rounds to secure victory.


Popular Betting Markets

Match Winner – With games usually taking place in a best of 3 format, this market simply requires you to choose which team you think will be victorious over the 3 rounds.

Map Winner – This market is specific to each round of a match. With your selection being who you think will win that round. You might think one team has a better chance of winning on a specific map. This does not mean you think that team will go on to win the match and in fact the end result of the match does not impact this bet.


BettorMind Advice

Use stats With so much information available and such a variety of sources, the data you can find on Counter Strike teams can be valuable when it comes to placing a bet. As with other team events, teams will favour certain scenarios and maps. By looking at how they have performed before you can build a good knowledge of a team, and this will support your decision making when it comes to betting.

Understand the game – With the large majority of match being streamed via social media platforms you will be able to watch and learn about each game type. Having a strong knowledge of each game type and what it takes to win is valuable when it comes to betting. The markets you bet on will be impacted by the game type and you may have a different approach to betting on each one.

Counter Strike GO is fast paced and exciting to watch so it is no surprise to see the growth in popularity when it comes to esports betting. Whether you are new to the game or not, if you are having a bet, please take a look at some of the advice above to make sure you are in the best place to get the most enjoyment form your esports betting.

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