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One of the most popular first-person shooter games has now become a significant player in the world of esports. The Call of Duty franchise releases a new game each year. With its multiplayer option being used for esports events across the world. The growth in popularity has seen it become a popular betting market for those who enjoy betting on Esports. We are going to look at the basics of the game and some BettorMind advice on how to approach betting on Call of Duty esports.

Call of Duty Game Basics

The majority of esports Call of Duty games will be multiplayer matches with two teams each with six players. The teams will do battle over three different variations of games.

Domination – There are various points located on a map and teams achieve points for holding the locations. The more locations you hold the quicker your points accumulate. The first team to reach the designated score wins the round, with most matches being played in a best of three series.

Team Deathmatch – This is the simplest variant of the game. Two teams do battle over an allotted time with the team who reaches the kill total first awarded the win. If neither team reaches the kill target by the end of the match timer, the team with the most kills wins.

War Mode – The objective for this game mode is for one team to destroy or take over the other team’s area. Unlike domination where both teams are trying to secure objectives, this mode is offence vs defence. The two teams will take it turns to play offence in a best of three or five series.


Popular Betting Markets

Match winner – When betting on this market you are selecting which of the two teams will win the overall series. There are no draws in Call of Duty esports.

First Kill – Most popular during team deathmatch where killing is the objective. You are selecting which team or player secures the first kill of the match.

Total Games – This market allows you to bet on whether you think there will be over or under a set number of games during a three or 5 match series.

Games Handicap – If one team is considered much stronger than another, the bookmaker may offer a market on them to win starting with -2 games. This means in a best of five series the team would need to win 3-0 in order for your bet to be classed a winner.


BettorMind Advice

Learn the Game – The great thing about esports is you can play the same games as the pro players. You can get a feel for how the game works and also what it might take to win. Having a strong understanding of how the games work and the tactics involved will give you valuable knowledge to use when betting.

Start small – As with any new sport or esports mode of betting, starting small is a great way of experiencing the fun of having a bet in a controlled and enjoyable way. Setting a staking plan is a great idea as it allows you to use your budget effectively and get more enjoyment from your betting in the long run.

Call of Duty is hugely popular worldwide and its presence within competitive esports will continue to grow. There will be plenty of opportunities to bet and if this is something you are looking to do, make sure you take on board the advice above and start your betting the right way.

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