Cricket Betting - One Day

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One day cricket is one of the most popular forms of the game given all the action takes place on one day. Compare this to a 5-day test match and it is easy to see why. It also completely changes how you might approach betting on the games. Some of the factors which impact a test match have less of an impact during the one-day game.


One Day Betting

The format of the game has a big impact on the types of bets you might place and also the things which will affect the outcome of the game.

In a standard one-day game teams get 50 overs each try and bowl the other team out. As like the longer format, the captains will toss a coin at the start with the winner choosing whether to field or bat first. As the match will be played over just one day the pitch is slightly less of a concern for the teams. In the 5 days game the pitch will often deteriorate as the game goes on. Now whilst this might happen gradually over a one-day game is does have less effect on the match.

The weather is always something teams must consider and as bettors you should too. Overcast conditions can often make batting hard and if the forecast predicts brighter weather later in the day you may see teams opt to bowl first in an attempt to bat in easier conditions later in the day.

As teams only have a set number of overs to achieve their runs, it suits an aggressive play style. You may see players featuring who don’t play for the test match team as their batting style is more suited to this format.


Popular Betting Markets

Most Boundaries – This market is where you choose which team you think will score the most boundaries during the match. The aggressive nature of one day cricket means run scoring is important and players will be more likely to go for crowd pleasing shots for four or six runs.

Match betting – Here you are choosing which team you think will win. In our article on test matches we explained how this market can be a tricky one due to the chances of the game being a draw. In one-day cricket, draws a far less frequent as teams would need to score exactly the same number of runs for the game to be classed as a draw. In some formats of one-day cricket they would even have a “super” over where each team has one over and the most runs wins the match, crickets’ version of a penalty shootout.


BettorMind Advice

Take your time – With so many of the markets being affected by the toss of a coin it can pay to wait until you know who is batting first before having a bet. This way you can consider so many of the things which affect the outcome before having your bet therefore giving yourself a much better chance.

In-Play – Betting in-play is popular in so many sports. Cricket is one where you have a lot of time to place a bet. At the end of an over or when a batsman is out you will have plenty of time to put a bet on. This means you can react to the event as it unfolds and allows you to use that knowledge when having a bet.

One-day cricket presents a completely different experience to test match cricket and for bettors there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy having a bet. If you are going to bet on the games, take a look at our content at BettorMind which will assist you in getting the most enjoyment from your betting.

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