Boxing Betting - Rounds

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Whilst boxing is an incredibly exciting sport to watch, it is fairly common for the fights to be one sided with one of the fighters being a huge favourite. For those who enjoy betting on boxing, potentially one-sided fights mean the odds on a fighter to win can be very short. For some bettors they will look else where for value and one of the most choices is rounds betting.


What is Rounds betting?

Rounds betting involves placing bets on a fight which relate solely to the rounds of the fight. There are a variety of markets and all present different opportunities to those who bet.

Total Rounds

This market requires you to place a bet on whether there will be over/under a certain number of rounds. If you felt the fight would end quickly you choose to bet on there being under 3.5 rounds, meaning if the fight finished in rounds 1, 2 or 3 your bet would be a winner. You may think the fight will be a long-drawn-out affair and choose to back over 9.5 rounds. For that to win you would need the fight to go into round 10 and beyond.

Group of Rounds

With this market you are deciding on a group of rounds for which you think the fight will end. This is normally broken down in to 4 options for a 12-round fight. Rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. This gives your bet more opportunities to win than you would have if you were to select the exact round. If you think the fight will end early you may want to back the fight to end in rounds 1-3. Due to the nature of boxing and its unpredictability having a security blanket of 3 rounds is valuable.

Fighter and Round

Unlike the first two markets this one does require you to also pick the winner of the fight and also the round they will win in. The odds on this market are usually significantly higher than the previous examples as it is very challenging to pick the exact round the fight will end.


BettorMind Advice

Find the right market for you – If you are new to betting on boxing, it is worth looking at all the markets which are available and then choosing which one suits you. For some fans you might not want to back a very short, priced favourite and these markets give you some alternative options with bigger prices.

Spread the fun – With such a wide variety of markets available there is plenty of opportunities for you to have a bet. You should consider the budget you have set yourself and how you can get the most from it. Using a staking plan allows you to spread out your bets and gives you control over how you spend that budget on betting. As boxing markets provide so much variety it is a good idea to start with lower stakes than you might usually use to get a feel for how the sport works and how you wish to bet on it.

For some the excitement of watching boxing is enhanced by having a bet. If that is the case be sure to look at our advice at BettorMind on the best way you can do this responsibly.

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