Betting Basics - Formula One

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Formula one has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. This is in part to the documentary series “Drive to Survive” which exposes fans to behind-the-scenes footage throughout a season. As with most sports which see an increase in audiences, this is also mirrored by an increase in those who choose Formula One as a sport to bet on. In this article we are going to look at the basics of betting on Formula One and some key behaviours you can adopt to enjoy betting on the sport responsibly.


2022 Formula One Season

The 2022 Formula One season will consist of 22 races across the globe. The season gets underway on the 20th of March 2022 with the Bahrain Grand Prix and concludes in Abu Dhabi on the 20th of November 2022. Which ever driver accumulates the most points during this time will be crowned Champion and the team who accumulates the most combined points from both of their drivers will win the constructor’s title.


Formula One Points System

During each Formula One race the drivers and teams are competing for points which count towards their end of season totals. For the drivers they need to finish in the top 10 of a grand prix in order to secure points.

1st25 Points
2nd18 Points
3rd15 Points
4th12 Points
5th10 Points
6th8 Points
7th6 Points
8th4 Points
9th2 Points
10th1 Point


The driver who also sets the fastest lap of a grand prix will have an additional point added to their race total as long as they finish within the top 10. The points a driver accumulates also count towards the constructors total. For example, if Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes won the race and his team mate George Russell finishes 3rd, the drivers would be awarded 25 and 15 points respectively with Mercedes being awarded 40 points.


Popular Season Long Betting Markets

As with any sport that takes place over a season there is the opportunity to bet on long term outcomes before or even during the season.

Drivers’ Championship – This market requires you to pick who you think is going to be crowned the Formula One champion come the end of the season. Whilst this bet is usually placed before the season starts you can also make the bet during the season once you have had some time to see how the teams and drivers are performing.

Constructors Title – This bet is where you choose which team you think will accumulate the most points over a season from both of their drivers. This is a key market to consider as it is not just the points scored by one driver and for some teams who may have an outstanding number one driver may not be as strong with their second driver and that will have an impact on the teams’ total points.


BettorMind Advice

Research – If Formula One is a sport you haven’t bet on before, it is important to do your research before having a bet. The season is 22 races long and a lot can happen during that time. Keeping up to date with the results will put you in the best place to make the best decision when it comes to your betting.

Budget – Formula One is a sport which takes place over multiple weeks. Season long bets are a good way of having something to cheer on in each race without needing to have a bet on them individually. You still get the excitement of being involved in the action whilst keeping within the budget you have identified for you betting.

Formula One is an exciting sport to watch and for some that experience is enhanced by having a bet. If you are considering betting during the Formula One season be sure to take a look at the advice above as well as our other content at BettorMind to ensure you are getting the most out of your experience.

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