Betting Basics - Esports

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Esports has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. We now see regularly Worldwide tournaments being played for huge sums of money. It was therefore inevitable that eventually it would make its way into the world of betting. When something has such a global audience, why wouldn’t the betting industry want to be involved. This has even led to teams being sponsored by operators such as Alliance who are the esports partner of VBET.

Although it is hugely popular and watched by millions of people, betting on it is still a relatively new concept. In this article we are going to look at some of the basics when it comes to betting on esports and some advice on how you can approach esports betting in an enjoyable and sustainable way.


Esports Betting Basics

Esports betting is actually very similar to other more conventional ways of betting. The markets available are not too dissimilar to regular sporting events and you will being familiar with a lot of them. One of the key differences comes with the games that are available to bet on. These games will be extremely popular, and you may well be someone who plays them yourself.

The immersive world of esports and gaming means the community is very knowledgeable on the games and for some they will think this can transfer into betting on the events. It certainly is a good foundation to build from when you have extensive knowledge of what you will be betting on.


Popular Esports Betting Markets

As mentioned above, some of the markets will be similar to those you would usually see when betting on regular sporting events, however there will also be some which are game specific.

Match winner – This market relates to a single esports game. Even if that game forms part of a wider series, in this market you are simply choosing who will win the match you are betting on. This might be a single player or a team event.

Games Handicaps – Handicap betting allows you to increase your odds by applying a handicap to one of the teams. If you think one team is a strong favourite you might want to be on them to win after given the other team a virtual head start of 1 or 2 games. Over a 7-game series this would increase the odds on your selection as they would have to win more of the games to overcome the handicap.

Most Kills – In some variations of esports games you can bet on the number of kills a team or player will get during a match. The operator will set a total of kills, for example 10 and you will need to select whether that team or player will achieve more or less kills than the benchmark of 10.

First Kill – This market is similar to a first goal scorer market in football. For your bet to win you need to select which team or player will get the first kill withing a match, it is sometimes referred to as “first blood”.


BettorMind Advice

Knowledge – We mentioned earlier in the article about the knowledge you have or a particular esport being important. It really will help with your decision making if you have a solid knowledge of the events you are betting on. This might mean you start betting on the games you play yourself before looking at events you are less familiar with.

Research – Whether it is esports or regular sports betting research is such a great way to enhance your experience. Part of the fun when placing a bet is trying to work out who or what might win and trying to get an edge of the bookmaker taking your bet. Researching into the events and team you are betting on will also increase your knowledge of what you are betting on and is a fundament part of a BettorMind.

Discipline – With such a wide range of markets and esports to bet on, it is important you have a good grasp on your finances and time. Betting is exciting and adds a level of thrill to certain events. With that being said, this is only possible when done so in the right way. Setting yourself a budget which is within your means is really important. You should also consider the time you spend betting. With esports events taking place all over the world it is easy to get caught up in the action. Having a structure for when you place your bets and what events you wish to bet on will ensure that your experience doesn’t impact on other parts of your day to day live.

Esports will just keep growing as the development of games continues. Betting’s place within esports is only going to increase and the opportunities for you to have a bet will follow. It is important you approach esports betting like any other form of betting and at BettorMind we have a wide range of content which can get your journey started on the right path.

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